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We are here for the joy of the journey.
We use curiosity and impact analysis to help people make sense of our opportunities to take action. We see stress-reduction, get clarity, resolve conflicts, and provide value to those who rely on us for solutions with SaaS. This leads to better outcomes, and we attract & retain better players and build stronger teams.

i help people
🦄 train their unicorns™
🌡️ as a solutions consultant (RevOps, pre-sales, management consulting)
⏱️ measure for radical results
🏄 build GTM systems that work
🕹️ play the long game to belong

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Jon H Williams
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Solutions Engineering Manager

Startup - RevOps for blockchain, web3 April, 2021 - Present

Pre-revenue, early-stage startup evolving privacy-centric art & entertainment with immersive new technology for customer experience using social-first, founder-led, & product-led sales motions. Jack-of-all-trades helping founders solve the most pressing problems of product market fit and operational integrity.


PreSales Collective March, 2021 - Present

We are on a mission to elevate the role of PreSales in organizations worldwide. We work to provide PreSales professionals with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop rich, contributing, meaningful careers in PreSales.

Solution Architect

Enterprise Pre-Sales January, 2019 - April, 2021

A privately-held, globally-distributed enterprise software company, Aurea supports 3,000+ customers using 17+ SaaS products, and is one of the largest privately held software companies in the world. Reporting to the SVP of Solutions, provided commercial sales engineering for large customers. Develop/deliver POCs. Communicated product vision, roadmap & strategy. Coordinated cohesive demonstrations to drive feature adoption and new customer acquisition. Developed API integrations with emphasis on Jive for enterprise collaboration. Conducted business reviews with key customers to engage with their journey and understand their focus. Provided solutions demos. Collaborated with sales, customer success, product, & engineering to support CX.

Senior Solutions Manager

Management Consulting 2011 - 2018

In multi-capability management consultancy, reported to directors of finance transformation projects in EEA (EPM, ERP, Analytics), EPM (Enterprise Performance Management), and Infrastructure Practices. On-site, customer-facing responsibility for project success at 25+ Fortune companies.


Tools I cannot live without 2023

Honorable mentions: Flask, grav, LLM, PyTorch, Hugging Face, HTML5, Javascript, css, Scrivener, LibreOffice, Zoom, Meet, ZeroTier, Slack, Habits(iOS), Canva, PLANN, Skiff, Signal, Excel

  • Miro
  • Asana, Linear
  • Python, bash, zsh
  • Discord
  • TradingView
  • VS Code, dendron, Tabnine
  • remote work: Tmetric, zcal
  • Wim Hof app, Pocket Casts
  • Expensify, YNAB, Gusto


SE Leadership Institute Black Belt

Sales Engineering Leadership in SaaS certification (SELI) March 2021

American InterContinental University

Bachelor, Information Technology graduated cum laude, 3.63/4.0

Activities and societies: Senator, Student Council

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    source: Latin maxim

'tres faciunt collegium - three makes company (an organization)'

  • tres faciunt collegium - three makes company (an organization)

  • qui causa causans - the cause that causes

    Jon Williams
  • ut salutas, ita salutaberis - as you greet, so you will be greeted

  • ut sementem feceris, ita metes - as i sow, shall i reap

  • ܘܐܡܪ ܝܫܘܥ ܠܩܢܛܪܘܢܐ ܗܘ ܙܠ ܐܝܟܢܐ ܕܗܝܡܢܬ ܢܗܘܐ ܠܟ ܘܐܬܐܣܝ ܛܠܝܗ ܒܗ ܒܫܥܬܐ - And Eshu {Yeshua} said unto the Qentruna {the Centurion}...Go, in such a way that you have believed, it will be unto you... And his boy was healed at that moment!

  • ventis secundis, tene cursum - favorable winds, stay the course (get in the Flow and Go)

  • let silence open your ears to the song in your heart

    Jon Williams

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We accelerate impact analysis to drive agile delivery in operations, sales, and engineering. My experience in top-tier consulting firms, with insights gained in analytical, technical, and strategic roles, facilitates high-quality, high-energy conversations. If you believe the best predicate of a delightful outcome is mindset, followed by an ability to place extraordinary focus and attention on doing the right things, at the right time, we are already moving in a good direction. If you need high EQ/high IQ input on building systems that work, please reach out by connecting on LinkedIn?